Isn’t it time to get your Retail Business Working For YOU?
Retail Roadmap to Financial Success
The guide to making your business profitable and putting more cash in YOUR pocket
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Retail Roadmap to Financial Success

6 Weeks to understanding how to make your business profitable and put more cash in YOUR pocket

with Jennifer Abraham Rust
Blast through the distractions and common myths and learn the smartest way to build a profitable business so you can pay yourself more and worry less about paying your bills.

This same system has helped my private clients work their way out of debt, turn their businesses profitable and even open second locations!
Here's what we'll cover in this program:
  • ​Unit 1: An overview of the components that make your store profitable
  • Unit 2: Demystifying Your Financial Statements. Understanding How to read them and where cash can be hiding in invisible expenses.
  • Unit 3: When will I truly be cash flow positive (or have ___ dollars in cash profit in my business? The art of developing a breakeven plan.
  • Unit 4: Pricing for profit…the exact formula that will make your store profitable and how to use it.
  • ​Unit 5: Understanding Inventory Turnover. Calculating it in your business and using it to improve cash flow.
  • Unit 6: The Basics of Creating an OTB plan 
Jennifer Abraham Rust
Jennifer Abraham Rust
Founder and CEO, Creative Profit Planning

Hear What Your Colleagues Have To Say:

"Throughout The Retail Roadmap to Financial Success, I came away with ideas on how to keep the business functioning and growing during shutdown. My husband and I are still working with Jennifer and as of today, our stores are performing better than same period last year. "

Linda Lyden Owner, Castle Toys & Games

" Taking The Retail Roadmap to Financial Success brought me back to purposeful instead of emotional buying. In the first 2 weeks she addresses critical issues that when corrected had an immediate impact on profit margin."

Ginger Milligan Owner, Fantasy Island Toys

"I have been blown away by the difference Jennifer has made in my business. The combination of really clear tactical guidance and strategic coaching that I got from her in this course makes the price look like a real bargain. I understand my margins and cash flow so much better than before the course (even after years of retail management!), and I now have the right tools to make buying choices, staffing plans, and other big decisions with a strong grounding in data and analysis. Best of all, I sleep better at night because I know how to look at my business clearly and make plans that will help my business thrive through whatever craziness 2021 has in store!"
Jessica Peterson White Owner, Content Bookstore and Kids’ Content Toy Store

Here's what you can expect:

Private Facebook Group 

This is where you get to support each other and get your questions answered. Remember that you get out what you put in, so please make an intention to show up and support each other.

Exclusive Member Access to Q & A

Each week we will have a live question & answer session where I will answer your specific questions regarding the content from the previous weeks. I will be present in the group daily as well to guide you thru the details.
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